About the Family

                             Rachel Ann
       Rachel was raised in a family of arists and musicians. Starting Fiddle, Piano, and ballet at age 4 she later went into modeling and preforming her original songs in the acoustic duo Wampus Cat. Her dream of Living the ranch life, learning to be a homesteader, living off the land, and having many horses has become a reality.
     Her five daughters are the joy of her heart and every animal that comes to the ranch gives her a sence of wellbeing.  As Matthew's wife and life long assistant she has helped him through many of the details and final finish processes of his work, wether it be with the horse or his art. It was not until 2014 that she blossomed into her own expression through chalk art. What was a simple share on facebook became a full custom business of interpreting pets through abstract and brilliant color. With attention to personality and the customers favorite details, such as equipment and color preferences Rachel continues to create commissioned pieces as well as her own abstract work that reflects the inner most flow of emotion through the subject. 
                             Matthew James
       Matthew has spent his life working as a horsemen, farrier and cowboy. Now the proud father of five amazing daughters The Lord has brought the beautiful blessing of teaching and reliving all those experiences and sharing all the skills learned as a young man with his wife and children. Life is now a menagerie of art, music, outdoor life, and horses. As a song writer and poet Matt loves to share his experiences with his audience, especially urban folks.
    Throught life Matthew has been known for producing original and historical replicas from Native American arts to colonial style woodwork. Based on his experience as a working Buckaroo, or Range Cowboy, Matthew has learned many aspects of art through the trade such as rawhide braiding, silver smithing, and leatherwork. With a delicate persuasion to every piece Matthew attributes his inspiration to his daughters.
    As a horsemen Matthew is learned in the principles of dressage, hunter jumper, english and reining. Matthew's methods stem from a little of everything with his greatest being simply: Kindness, Respect and Patience. His Motto: Cowboy Can Be Kind! His Love for the Lord is the basis of all his decision making and training techniques.
                     Violet Zoe Faythe
    Violet is the third born of Matt and Rachel's daughters. Named after her great grandmother she posesses the same wisdom and energy. Her mishevious pranks and joking demeanor keep the laughs going on the ranch. A gifted artist in her own right Violet has a whimsicle style that brings a smile to your face and a leap in your heart. The imagery behind her work envelopes the music and lifestyle of the acoustic duo Wampus Cat. Her work is found on the wampus Cat merchandise line. A junior in highschool, avid rider, and athlete Violet is an amazing young woman; she is always in the kitchen whipping up some culinary delight, but on the flip side of her domestic flair she aspires to be an equine chiropracter. Violet loves to work in leather and wood with her Dad but team roping with him is her true joy. Her love and grace for her sisters radiates her faith in God daily.
            Ruby Anne
     Ruby, the eldest of all the girls, is off to college again this year but not without leaving big footsteps to fill. Ruby has been Matthew's side kick in training and rehabilitating dozens of horses over the years as well as his partner in Farrier work. Raised in the faith, Ruby shines with a true adoration for children; She plans to become an elementary teacher and marry her bow of 4 years, Cole. Ruby is a talented archer and marksmen with a riffle or shotgun. Her true love? ranching, oh and her dog Coda! Ruby spends much of her time on Cole's family ranch day working. She is handy with a rope and that is where her artistic flare comes to life. A talent with knots Ruby contributes her hand tied rope halters, and braided mohair ropes for use on the ranch and for sale; she has also been learning to braid leather and rawhide. 
        Matteline Rose
   Matteline is, without a doubt, the minister of the family. A light for the Lord she hopes to go to college  in 2016 for ministry through physical therapy. Matteline is the peacemaker and her talents really show through her ability to be a team leader not only in sports but in the rehabilitation of very agressive angry mares. Matteline has successfuly brought peace, courage, and confidence to the very mustang mare " The Black" you see here as well as many others including severly abused dogs. Her consistancy and calm presence equate to a second chance for otherwise " mind Blown" animals. Her bold warrior heart for the salvation of the human spirit brings her couageously beside those in need of hope and counsel through Jesus Christ.  Matteline's art materializes through her photography. A natural, she contributes greatly to the ranch by capturing breathtaking images of the world around her. Nature as her muse, Matteline's pictures are made available through membership packages when you partner with us here at the Butterfly Ranch!
                Opal Sunrise
     Opal may turn out to be the dedicated musician of the family. Opal loves all the animals here but once in the saddle there is no doubt horses are her favorite! mixing grain and pretending to give shots are two of her most favorite things to do; maybe a vet in the family? a child of nature Opal will spend hours picking flowers and swimming in any puddle she can find! Already Opal has a talent for taming the wild ones in her ability to subdue any mangy kitten to sleep soundly in her arms! Her understanding of our Heavenly Father shows at the dinner table when her prayers consist of thanking God for feeding her and the horses, and goats, and steers and...!
         Iris Gabriella
     Iris definitely aspires to be just like her big sisters! Already such a great rider she is determined to win her first buckle at the local playday series! A barrel racer, artist, archer, and obsessed minni winni collector Iris is a big help on the ranch and will most likley be the girl who makes The Butterfly Ranch her life long endeavor. Currently teaching her first mustang Rueben to trust, she is learning the trade from her father and doing quite well with the " first touch.' Her imagination is overflowing in her games, art, and stories. Iris' love for all of God's creatures shows in her desire to help mend and comfort the broken.