Want to Lend a Hand?
  • Sponsor an animal. Sponsoring an animal can be sending needed supplies or sending beneficiary funds exclusivly for your chosen animal. Each month you will get email updates, special quarterly letters and photographs on the well being of your new sponsored friend! 

  • Become a Critter caregiver. Being a care giver could mean actually fostering a critter needing a home but not commiting to adoption.

  • Not into cuddling but really good at building? The ranch always needs helpers to work on construction projects. Structures are always needed for extreme weather and comfort for outside critters. Fence always needs repaired and cleanup is a must. Labor always comes with lunch!

  • Fundraising commitee needed! The Butterfly Ranch stands for a lot of community projects. Giving back to the community requires funding and donations. We need a group of outgoing positive friendly folks to help us make the circle complete!

  • Events take man power! have experience with festivals and crowd management? Food service or entertainment? Events take folks who know their job and do it well. We would greatly appreciate your help; Don a TBR Tee-shirt and jump on board! Be a friendly volunteer for super fun events!