The Animals
  1. Lump
    Lump is the sweetest pit bull you will ever meet. He works cows and loves to work in the shop with Matthew. He was a cowboys dog who needed refuge due to job loss. In the city Lump would steal the neighbors shoes and once left a trail of string from the neighbors house 1 mile away to his own yard! Lump needed to live on the desert where he was raised. Since he has been here on the ranch he is one happy fella. He goes on trail rides and sleeps by our bed each night. What a sweet guy!
  2. Amigo
    Amigo was living at his breeders house. At four months he and his brother Paco needed homes and spent their days cowering under blankets in the kitchen. More pups were coming and they needed an immediate home. We paid them for both of the pups and have since found Paco a loving home. Amigo is not housebroke after 4 years and has socialization issues. He is adored here still and makes a great watch dog, loudly patrolling the boundaries of the ranch. He loves trail rides and wears clothes proudly!
  3. Alice
    Alice is a stock dog cross. Aussie and Border Collie. She is high energy and has a lot of potential to be a trial dog or even learn to work stock. She is sweet and gentle but barks a lot so finding her a home has been almost impossible. Alice likes to play dog tag and play in the stock pond!
  4. Sister
    Sister was a cattle dog bought by a cowboy. She was stolen and a child in town horribly abused her. When she was recovered she was soo aggressive the cowboy thought she must be put down. We took her and gained her trust with hot dogs! She often hides when strangers come but is becoming more open to meeting folks that are return visitors. Our Daughter Matteline has been her special friend. Sister adores Matteline and lives a happy free life.
  5. Royal
    Royal is one of only 3 surviving steers out of 25 dairy calves who came to the ranch to be saved after being deprived of colostrum. An effort to save a local mans business endeavor, Royal now helps raise money for community members through his participation in " Cow- Plop" bingo!
  6. Saddie
    Saddie is half mustang half who knows! She has taken refuge here as her owners had to move to the city due to a loss in the family. She kicked, bit and was a horrible little gal. After turning her out with the herd she learned she simply couldn't act that way. she has assimilated into the herd now and has become a much more polite little lady! She is a buckskin pinto; soo beautiful and each day she is growing into her outer beauty.
  7. Buckaroo
    Buckaroo is an Alpine cross wether goat. He is also the ring leader of three other stinkers that play as many pranks on the ranch as they can!!! He came to us as a gift. Matt will help people with their horses. He doesn't ask for pay when folks need help. Buckroo's owners wanted him to have a life long home because he is soo sweet and because he is a butcher goat destined for food. Matt accepted him and has been training him to pull a cart! Soon Buckaroo will be helping during feeding times. Now to keep him out of the hay!!
  8. RaMirah
    Mirah is a chihuahua cross who was certified as a therapy dog and later became a cowboys dog moving cattle and trotting out over the desert for miles. Her owners had to move to town and wanted to make sure she would have long term refuge. She now Follows Rachel everywhere, sleeps under the covers on her side of the bed, and scratches at the door crazily if she can't be outside with her! She is very happy here on the Ranch and will most likely be here for the rest of her days.
  9. Paloma
    Paloma is a mustang who was purchased with a "lot" of other mustangs by a private citizen. He fell upon hard times and couldn't feed the herd. The animals were confiscated and sent to the Strawberry rescue in Oregon. She was sent to a trainer in Central Oregon and since came to us. She is now ridable but still has fear issues and therefore is not adoptable. We continue to work with Paloma and have the hope she will become a great partner for someone or even a sleigh horse. Paloma is part draft and has the cutest short chubby body! We love her even though she can be tough old gal sometimes!
  10. Big Ben
    Ben belonged to a woman who lost her husband suddenly. He and his mare came to the ranch . He is currently learning to associate with the herd and has been started under saddle. Because of a trailer accident he has a scar on his lower leg that makes him undesirable to potential adopters but he is sweet and beautiful so we have high hopes for him as a lesson horse.
    Big Ben
  11. Cricket
    Cricket came to us as a refuge mare. A pony; she was ornery based on abuse by a farrier. After 5 years she can finally be caught by an adult and is fully ridable by children. She has proved to be a fine pony!
  12. Sir Prize
    Sir Prize is a papered Arabian who needed immediate life long refuge. Due to fear issues he was unridable. After 2 years he is now Rachel's riding partner and dream horse and is becoming a great school horse for others seeking an equine experience.
    Sir Prize